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LuckyMag.com | Top 9 Earth Friendly Product Obsessions

Avalon Organics | TEA TREE Scalp Treatment Shampoo and Conditioner

Featured in the “Earth Day Beauty: My Top 9 Earth Friendly Product Obsessions ” story on LuckyMag.com

earth friendly obsessions - avalon organics“For Earth Day, I wanted to figure out and share some earth friendly beauty products. After a little bit of research, and asking around, here are 8 really great products that support repsonsible packaging, have great giving back programs, are eco friendly with fewer preservatives and parabens, and support green initiatives in their communities. Whether you’re a 100% eco girl all the time or a “naturalite” who loves eco but just can’t be eco all the time due to a busy lifestyle, these products should work for you. I have to admit, I haven’t tried any of them yet, but I look forward to trying each of them. Why not buy beauty products that are great and give back? It’s a win-win for us all…

Avalon Organics® Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Shampoo & Conditioner

NSF/ANSI 305 Certified: made with at least 70% organic ingredients. Free of Parabens, Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate, Petrolatum, Artificial Colors and Phthalates. Tea Tree Essential Oil, Beta-Glucan, Aloe and vitamins soothe skin irritation for lasting scalp comfort and strong, shiny, healthy hair. Gentle plant-derived cleansers enriched with Beta Glucan, Vitamin E, Oat, Wheat Protein and Tea Tree Oil cleanse, purify and balance moisture levels for lasting scalp comfort and soft, touchable hair. Bottles made with 100% recycled materials. Available in 11oz and 32oz…”


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Essence.com | Product Junkies

Avalon Organics | LAVENDER Nourishing Conditioner

Featured in the “Product Junkies: Earth Day Beauty Essentials” story on  Essence.com

earth day beauty essentials - avalon organis

“Today is Earth Day and we’re celebrating by taking a look at some of our fave eco-friendly beauty treats. Using products with natural ingredients is not only good for you, it’s good for our planet, too, so jot down these green beauty products for your get-ready routine.”


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HelloDollFace | Every Day Earth Day

Avalon Organics | PEPPERMINT Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner

Featured in the “ Every Day Can Be Earth Day!” story on HelloDollFace.com

earth day article peppermint hair care

“Over the past couple of years I’ve really gotten into being healthy and giving a lot of consideration to trying to be more natural in so many aspects. We do a lot around the house to recycle etc. but the biggest thing for me is slowly switching over to mostly natural beauty products. Its a long process as there are many, many beauty products that contain chemicals and toxins, and I can’t give them up as easily as I can say, recycle my water bottles and cans. …

I am in the midst of learning more about lotions and creams and hair care products from natural companies. I love using oils to help and heal skin and I’ve been using Lavender Oil on everything from pimples to cleansing my skin. …

Some of my favorite natural brands so far include JASON, Nature’s Gate, Alba Botanica, Avalon Organics, Kiss My Face, Burts Bees and Annemarie Gianni Skincare. I encourage you to check them out and utilize natural ingredients in  your daily skincare routine. …”


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